Panchayat Samiti Project Status

Atal Seva Kendra or Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra – Rural and Panchayati Raj Department is running projects for the development of Rural Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti of Rajasthan, it is mainly on behalf of Information Technology Department at the service center of Gram Panchayats. Along with the installation of solar panels, connectivity of electricity and internet service has to be ensured in it and with this, its effective monitoring has to be done through server from Jaipur, along with the city of in new solar panels and electricity through automatic change system. to be changed and to make the solar plant more useful and effective, even without electricity, without pressing the button, electricity can be supplied from solar so that internet and information service of gram panchayats can be made more useful and effective.

Atal Seva Kendra or Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra has been established by the state government at the gram panchayat level to solve the problems of the common people, its main objective is to provide security facility to the rural people in rural areas, through which rural people can easily All such information that can be given through the Internet, such as bank account information, Aadhaar card information, has to be completed at the gram panchayat level.

Rajasthan Government and Technology Department has decided to make Atal Seva Kendra or Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra as Information Technology Hub, through which new solar panels are being installed so that 24 hours electricity can be provided at the center Atal Seva Kendra Rajiv Gandhi Seva During the transaction process at the center, there used to be trouble in removing documents, which will not happen after you install the solar panel, which is going to be of great help to the rural people.

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Panchayat Samiti Project Status