Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

1. Introduction

A. Introduction

B. Syllabus

2. Attitude

A. Theory of Attitude (Part-1)

B. Theory of Attitude (Part-2)

C. Theory of Attitude (Part-3)

D. Moral and Political Attitudes (Part-1)

E. Moral and Political Attitudes (Part-2)

F. Social Influence on Attitude (Part-1) – 01

G. Social Influence on Attitude (Part-1) – 02

H. Social Influence on Attitude (Part-2)

I. Social Influence on Attitude (Part-3)

J. Case Studies on Attitude 1

K. Case Studies on Attitude 2

3. Ethics, Morals and Values

A. Code of Conduct for Civil Servants (Part-1)

B. Code of Conduct for Civil Servants (Part-2)

C. Code of Conduct for Civil Servants (Part-3)

D. Code of Conduct for Civil Servants (Part-4)

E. Code of Conduct for Civil Servants (Part-5)

F. Ethics, Morals and Values (Part-1)

G. Ethics, Morals and Values (Part-2)

H. Role of Family, Educa-tional Institutions and Socity in Inculcating Values

I. Theory of Ethics and Case Studies

4. Foundational Values

1. Foundational Values

2. Empathy

3. Tolerance and Compassion

4. Emotional Intelligence (Part-1)

5. Emotional Intelligence (Part-2)

6. Case Studies (Part-1)

7. Case Studies (Part-2)

5. Probity in Governance

A. Probity

B. Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest

C. Work Culture and Service Delivery

D. Corruption

E. Lokpal

F. Case Studies 1

G. Case Studies 2

6. Ethics in Public Administration

1. Ethical Issues in IR

2. Ethics in Public Administration(Part 1)

3. Ethics in Public Administration(Part-2)

7. Thinkers and Reformers

A. Thinkers and Reformers – Introduction

B. Socrates

C. Plato and Aristotle

D. Kant

E. Bureaucrats and Religious Reformers

F. Quotes

8. Miscellaneous


B. Corporate Governance

C. Recap

D. Questions

F. Answer Writing

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