Disaster Management

1. Introduction to Disaster Management

A. Syllabus

B. Basics

2. Classification of Disasters

A. Natural and Manmade Disasters

3. Understanding Disasters and Risks

A. Earthquakes

B. Volcanos

C. Tsunamis

D. Floods

E. Landslides

F. Cyclones

G. Dust Storms and Forest Fires

4. UN and Disaster Management

A. Introduction – UN and Disaster Management

B. Yokohama Strategy

C. Hyogo Framework

D. Sendai Framework

5. Disaster Management in India

A. DM Act, NDMA and SDMA

B. NDRF, NIDM and Other Bodies

C. Institutional Framework

D. Nodal Ministries and Agencies

E. Financial Arrangements

6. Question Paper Analysis

1. Question Paper Analysis -1

2. Question Paper Analysis -2

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