Social Issues

1. Salient Features of Indian Society and Diversity of India

A. Introduction

B. Indian Society (Basics)

C. Indian Society (Features)

D. Social Changes

E.  Family

F. Marriage

2. Population

A. Population (Part-1)

B. Population (Part-2)

3. Poverty

A. Poverty (Part-1)

B. Poverty (Part-2)

C. Poverty (Part-3)

4. Hunger

5. Urbanization

A. Urbanization (Part-1)

B. Urbanization (Part-2)

C. Urbanization (Part-3)

6. Globalization

A. Globalization (Part-1)

B. Globalization (Part-2)

7. Regionalism

1. Regionalism (Part-1)

2. Regionalism (Part-2)

8. Communalism and Secularism

A. Basics

B. Communalism

C. Secularism

9. Issues Related to Children

10. Issues Related to Education

11. Issues Related to Elderly

12. Issues Related to Transgender

13. Issues Related to Women

A. Issues Related to Women (Part-1)

B. Issues Related to Women (Part-2)

C. Issues Related to Women (Part-3)

D. Issues Related to Women (Part-4)

E. Issues Related to Women (Part-5)

14. Issues Related to Scheduled Castes

15. Issues Related to Scheduled Tribes

16. Issues Related to Minorities

17. Issues Related to Healthcare Sector

A. Issues Related to Healthcare Sector (Part-1)

B. Issues Related to Healthcare Sector (Part-2)

18. Issues Faced by People with Disabilities

1.Issues Faced by People with Disabilities (Part-1)

2. Issues Faced by People with Disabilities (Part-2)

19. Role of Women Organizations

20. NGOs

A. NGOs (Part-1)

B. NGOs (Part-2)

21. SHGs

1. SHGs (Part-1)

2. SHGs (Part-2)

22. Cooperatives

1. Basics, Provisions and Advantages

2. Cooperative Sector in India

23.  Skill Development

A. Facts and Challenges Related to Skill Development

B. Government Initiatives

24. Development Policies

A. Introduction, NREGA, NRLM

B. Drinking Water, Sani-tation, Housing, Social Security, Urban Issues

25. Women

A. Women (Part-1)

B. Women (Part-2)

C. Women (Part-3)

D. Women (Part-4)

E. Women (Part-5)

F. Women (Part-5)

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