Modern History

Modern Indian History Handwritten short notes PDF Download

Modern Indian History Handwritten short notes PDF Download Part 1 – Mid 18th – 20th Century Part 2 – British Conquest of India Part 3 – British Administration Part 4 – Committees appointed by British Part 5 – Reasons for failure of Revolt Part 6 – Common activities taken by the leaders in all movements Part 7 – Movements Part 8 – National Movement Part 9 – Movements Continue Part 10 – Movements outside India […]

Modern History Handwritten Notes in Hindi by Manikant Sir PDF

Advantages of Manikant Singh Sir Notes. 1.Manikant Singh Sir notes covered full syllabus. 2.Good in hanwritting 3.Beneficial for Upsc exam 4.These notes are based on class lectures. 5.Manikant Singh Sir notes covered Ancient,Medieval,Modern History. Manikant Singh History Paper 1and2 Hindi Medium Book PDF CLASS Notes some important chapters are given below.. Chapter-1 Decline of Mughal Empire Chapter-2 Indian […]

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