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Study Indian Polity From Basic Level. The Subject Covers all the topics of Indian Polity for UPSC Pre and mains.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Indian Polity

2. Foundations of Polity

A. Types of Constitution

B. Nature of the Indian Constitution

C. Theory of Separation of Powers

3. Preamble

4. Types of Majority

5. Union and Its Territory

A. Article 1 to 4

B. Reorganization of States

6. Citizenship

7. Practice Set 1

8. Fundamental Rights

A. Introduction to Fundamental Rights and Article 12,13

B. Right to Equality (Art 14)

C. Right to Equality (Art15, Art16)

D. Article 17 and 18

E. Article 19 Part-1

F. Article 19 Part-2

G. Natural Rights

H. Sedition

I. Article 20

J. Article 21

K. Right to Education

L. Right to Privacy

M. Article 22

N. Article 23

O. Article 24

P. Article 25

Q. Article 26 to 28

R. Article 29 and 30

S. Article 32 to 35

9. Directive Principles of State Policy

A. Introduction to DPSP

B. The relation between Fundamental Rights and DPSP

C. Significance of DPSP and Its Implementation

10. Fundamental Duties

11. Amendment of the Constitution

12. Practice Set 2

13. Union Executive

A. Union Executive -1

B. Union Executive -2

C. Union Executive -3

D. Union Executive -4

E. Union Executive -5

F. Union Executive -6

G. Union Executive -7

H. Union Executive -8

14. Practice Set 3

15. Union Legislature

A. Houses of the Parliament

B. Disqualification of MPs, Office of Profit

C. Important Offices of the Parliament

D. Sessions of the Parliament

E. Powers and Privileges of the Parliament and MPs

F. Bills Introduced in the Parliament

G. Ordinance

H. Financial Administration

I. Enactment of Union Budget

J. Devices of Parliamentary Proceedings

16. State Machinery

A. Introduction to State Machinery

B. Governor Part-1

C. Governor Part-2

D. Jammu and Kashmir

E. Union Territory

17. Practice Set 4

18. Emergency Provisions

A. National Emergency

B. President’s Rule, Financial Emergency

19. Center-state Relations

A. Legislative Relations

B. Administrative Relations

C. Financial Relations

D. Goods and Services Tax

20. Schedules

A. Schedules 1

B. Schedules – 2

C. Schedules – 3

21. Practice Set 5

22. Local Govt

A. Panchayati Raj Part-1

B. Panchayati Raj Part-2

C. Urban Local Government

23. Judiciary

A. Introduction to Judiciary Part-1

B. Introduction to Judiciary Part-2

C. Important Details on Judiciary

D. Powers of Supreme Court

E. PIL, Judicial Activism

F. Alternate Dispute Resolution

24. Civil Services

A. Introduction to Civil Services

B. All India Services


D. Role of Civil Services in a Democracy

E. Administrative Tribunals

25. Elections (Part 1)

A. Election Process Part-1

B. Election Process Part-2

C. Election Process Part-3

D. Compulsory Voting

E. Elections (Part 1)

26. Elections (Part 2)

A. Political Parties, Electoral Reforms

B. Representation of People’s Act 1950, 1951

C. Elections (Part 2)

27. Practice Set 6

28. Article 370 and 35 A

A. Article 370 and 35 A Part-1

B. Article 370 and 35 A Part-2

29. Governance – Introduction

30. Governance

31. Transparency

A. Right to Information Act

B. Whistleblower’s Act

32. Accountability

A. Accountability

B. Comptroller and Auditor General Part-1

C. Comptroller and Auditor General Part-2

33. Comparison of the World Constitutions

34. Citizen’s Charter

35. NGOs

A. Non-Government Organisations

B. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act

36. E-Governance

37. Pressure Groups

38. SHGs

A. Self Help Groups

39. Constitutional, Statutory, Regulatory and Quasi-Judicial Bodies

A. Statutory Bodies

B. Quasi-Judicial Bodies

B. Regulatory Bodies

Indian Polity (Notes PDF)


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