How To Make Notes From Newspaper For UPSC Current Affairs

You are preparing for civil service examination and it is required to understand that you know all the aspects in a good manner.When we talk about the preparation of UPSC then we all have to understand the importance of the examination and what the other subject play important role for preparation of the examination so for UPSC civil service examination reading newspaper is extremely dynamic part of the UPSC Prelims syllabus so when students preparing for UPSC prelim syllabus and mains syllabus then the dynamic part of the syllabus somewhat covers the newspaper Concept for the current news which is happening so you all have to understand and learn how to make your notes from newspaper and this is very important for preparation of your IAS examination.

Newspapers of Choice for IAS Aspirants

The Hindu

The Indian Express

Newspaper is important and the the reading of the best newspaper it always preferred and when we talk about the IAS exam pattern and UPSC syllabus then before starting the current affair preparation the beginner should understand and the beginner having less understanding of the UPSC syllabus and pattern will take substantial time to read and prepare from the newspaper and going through the syllabus and preparing for the UPSC examination by using the help of the previous year papers truly helped the aspirant students to pick the right article or issue from the newspaper and take some time for the UPSC aspirant restaurant to keep the related articles or issued from the newspaper which is important and relevant for the UPSC point of view and from the examination perspective while Living out a relevant ones is very important always keep one thing in your mind not spend more than 30 minutes of reading newspaper because there are not much more things which is relevant for the UPSC point of so you always try to read the railway.

The Hindu

The Indian Express

Making Notes from Newspaper for UPSC

Making of notes from newspaper for UPSC is a daily process for all of the UPSC aspirant student because reading of the newspaper is on the daily basis and all of the students required little effort but daily effort to read the newspaper and find the relevant article for UPSC examination the question is how to make notes from the newspaper for UPSC and also making it meaningful for you to use that notes for your future reading is very important not making is indeed and art and one picks it up over a period of time when you read newspaper on first day you may not able to find the relevant article for yourself but over a period of time you directly able to know that the article is relevant for me and that article is not really went for me not should be considered effective and readable in a short time you always try to make only important points that you read on a next time because it will not read are you not able to read in your next time than death note making is not much more effective for much more important so the way in which not can be prepared for IAS examination can vary from person to person for different region the things which we all have to understand the way of note making should depends on the student knowledge and the concept which she has and Testament should revise the topic which not know.

Two methods are mentioned below

  1. This depends on the way of the students that in which way the students is preparing for the UPSC examination aspirants free for to maintain dedicated register aur book aur pages are Flip cards and categorise them by month subject and topic wise so you may prepare your newspaper notes according to months, subject and topic and it is important for all of the students you keep your not making in our three important aspect month subject and topic.
  2. Different student creative they are not making in a different way being the dynamic person of the syllabus some students prefer to make notes digitally they say they are not in a digital form as it is easier to classify it happened not if the notes Cricket created in a digital form then updates and deletion and making the category of the notes is very easy so use of the internet is invertible for current affairs and this method make it is here to update from net directly and the restaurant directly cut it from the internet and save it and this really take very less time for not making notebook is in a different form student may use your not for they are not making can be used as parents and can divide it for subject and topic wise also and for creation of the notes Evernote is very important because you are not student able to divide their subject or divide they are not a subject white and topic wise.

As we have seen the two method of note making from newspaper one was based on offline method and another was based on online method both the techniques of note making has their own pros and cons it is up to the individual students to

figure out which method works best for them and age according to the students who prefer digitally they can save their knots in a list time this is the fact of making notes digitally.

Pointers on to make effective notes

  1. Students should always keep one thing and mind that the primary focus should be to editorial defence news economy Constitutional Amendment environment government bill and skin these are the key points of the newspaper and students also cover the international affairs social issue Court ruling etc.
  2. In point first we have seen that we should cover the important point which is important for the UPSC point of view like the pickup of the editorial news from the newspaper pic of defence news pickup of economy news pickup of Constitutional Amendment news and something like that but we also understand that there are a lot of news which we should ignore them and ignoring the relevant news is really very important like your only political news political news is only wastage of time because the political news is not permanent and they are just happening by talk of one people on political people with another.
  3. Not making creation is important it and the making of notes in our own words is really much more important when we create our on notes and in our own words.We should Make our notes in our own words, Highlight, underline important keywords and add information from trusted sources like PIB, Yojana, and PRS.

It is expected from the students that the notes making and note down of the summary of the important issue from the article and students should also maintain the very essence of the article noting down of the theme the fact the region the benefits and implication it is make your newspaper notes very perfect and useful for your examination.

When you prepare your notes then you always keep one thing in your mind that your current affair need to be crushed and pieces and it is fully based on the syllabus of the UPSC CSE less is always more in UPSC preparation because the syllabus of the UPSC is washed so student should always prepare Chris and precise notes for their preparation.

In the initial stage for making of note a student may off for video news analysis and this can be a good starting point to understand tissue pertaining to the UPSC exam but you always try to save your time for reading more important things for UPSC examination so you all which divide your time and utilize your time for preparation.

Learning of the related dynamic and static source and also in-depth understanding of the topic is required to understand the sum of the topics so win a judgement or ruling is noted down a student also need to understand its relevant to the syllabus by associating with quality economy or geography because in some articles you see the task which you not know and if the article is relevant and age according to your syllabus you should clear the point which not understand in that article and in this way your habit increase and you know all of the terms of polity economy or geography and if it will be related with History you will also able to understand the terms of the history and this is going to help you to prepare and to Boost Your UPSC preparation.

Restaurants that make the habit of noting down the social issue and challenges that our society is facing day by day when the aspirants keep eye on the social issue of the society or the country or the states then the aspirants can cute the same in UPSC general science or as a paper to substantiate their points while nothing this down including all of the fact pros and cons and also not down any recent incident related to the topic is going to help to the students.

There are many issue which can be asked in prelims mains general science paper invention and even in the interview live news related to the linking of river water conservation water disputes or any current related topic may be asked keeping a check on this hot topics with trend on the society of the state of the country will give aspirants a detailed understanding of the topic because the hot topics is more important for both feelings and interview point.

Editorial is extremely important as they contain options and analysis on various subject when the student is study editorial then the wide range of the writers thinking is transferred to the students thinking and when a student try to understand the editor point of view than the understanding of the students automatically increases editorials can have buys option but as a UPSC aspirant it is expected of that person to identify points both for the topic and against the topic because when the editorial is studied then that it really is based on the writer’s perspective and students to understand in which prospective the writer pointing out either the writer is based on positive side or other the writer is based on negative side the writer is pointing so students should understand these things and this helps in building once perspective which need to be natural so always understand the editorial in both view.

Cannot making can be digital or on paper but they need to be sorted as per the UPSC syllabus for Quick revision and maximum impact students should understand the importance of note making and also the students should take it and use it in which prospective the student is able to gain or grasp the maximum concept.

All the points which we have discussed with you is very important for your not making and when you follow all the points then your newspaper and not making becomes very easy for you and it will be very relevant for you to prepare the things which we all have to understand it only the newspaper is not going to help you must be e board on your static part which is static in nature but it will help you to understand your dynamic path dynamic party changing day by day but you studying parties is static in nature but the study IQ part give you the clear-cut understanding of your dynamic path so you always give your time to boosting your static part and on the way of understanding the study part you keep your eye on dynamic path which is changing day by day so you always keep one thing you must prepare your study part and you command on it.

How To Make Notes From Newspaper For UPSC Current Affairs